Welcome to Clear Backblast!

Clear Backblast is not currently scheduling Arma events. We're still here, we're still playing games, just not Arma as often these days.

Who we are

Clear Backblast! is a reddit based group that plays Arma and other games.
We strive to be an open and approachable community where fun takes priority in all of our games. Whether our realism-focused Saturday sessions, or relaxed impromptu manshoots.
Our primary events take place on Saturdays at 2100 UTC. We are an international community and this works best for our players across the US, EU and Oceania regions.

How To Join

Clear Backblast! has no formal recruitment process, we only ask you join our Discord and say hello.


Clear Backblast! has a few simple requirements to play with us, they are:

  • A Reddit account to participate on our subreddit
  • Arma 3 with APEX DLC
  • Our mod collection (around 40GB in size)
  • Teamspeak 3 and a microphone
  • Participation in our Discord
  • A friendly attitude and a willingness to learn